Will faintly vomited out the last word, and terick immediately looked like a deflated ball, and the In addition to two people, the other people's situation can not be optimistic, once the deductio Out of the cave, Lei Xingfeng was surprised and said, "eh, it's snowing!" "Ah, what's going on? Why is it getting bigger and bigger?" Such roar has Tian Chunxue, in the mind once again flashed ash People did not want to stop thinking, immediately body shape, all turned into a line of escape light In Jiangnan's eyes, the essence of the light flashed away and said, "well, do you have a way to Green mans curled her beautiful head and rowed away. But he has consumed so many spirit crystals. What about the power of gods contained in them? After hanging up the phone, Shen Hongwen looked at Ji Xiangkui with a satisfied look on his face and Such a scene, so that the presence of heaven are looking at each other. With a loud bang, the void above their heads suddenly split. "We're not ready yet. We're blocked when we come. I won't tell you more about it. Let&#3 "Don't talk nonsense! I only believe that seeing is believing now!" Xu Ke and Han Jin have been friends for a long time, and both of them are bosses. Although Xu Keyuan "It will take some time for the army to be transferred. So please wait for a period of time among th "Why don't you cry? You can't feel such a strong feeling?" "Master, what's the matter? Why hasn't the commander withdrawn?"

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