"What's here is the first to be seen by the three forces of us. Other people, get out of here." It's impossible to imagine that there are so many people outside! "Now you choose to leave the world of the sword God at the same portal He fiercely raised his fist and waved it out, making waves, stirring on the imperial clock, sending Ye CHENFENG can't sleep if he wants to sleep now. "County magistrate Yu, I have kept you waiting." However, this effect of the yellow sand God field will be weakened with the enemy's strong culti Shi an continued: "this is Professor Song en, an expert in aerodynamics." In a moment, the earth shattering and shaking in the empty spirit soil. "Well, since his majesty is so bold, I will be happy to accompany him." This time, the signal seems to come from a more... Strange place. "Well, let's not talk about it now, but think about how to deal with these guys." In the twinkling of an eye, the rich source of emptiness flowed from all directions. But the small gold several people are entered into another demon world's leading vortex. This is the special status of the nine Xuanmen. Those more devils are rolling out of the battlefield, which will give me time and give me a shot? There was a bang, and then a group of knights saw that the companion, who was known as a fighting ge After receiving the telegram from Yan'an, the commander-in-chief laughed when he saw it.

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