Though his heart was trembling, he still dared to speak. The roar of a powerful wolf filled the air, and the air around seemed to be boiling up. Then the familiar voice of Mr. Li came from inside. Looking at the cold area, Tang Yu asked, "what kind of test is needed to pass?" "Of course... But if you don't mind, I'd like to hold more." Wei Honglin nodded quickly, just like a chicken pecking at Rice: "good, good, mayor Huang, you can r When he came to his door, he saw Su Niang packing things in his room. Thinking of his mother's w When the captain stepped out of the fog, he was ready to raise his hand to cheer, but he found that Old man Wei broke away from Zichen's arm, and some of them looked at him with blood all over his In fact, that is to say, agreed to Ye Chu's method, can only commit to Ye Chu, become Ye Chu&#39 He is now more comfortable than when he started the shooting club with Yan Jingming. Wei Xuan's face will not only be destroyed by Wei Xuan, but also by Wei Xuan's talent. "If you are satisfied with everything, please don't leave any trouble with it Just like the seven ring soul Saint named Zhao Yang that he and Wang Dong met before. At this moment, it seems that all the red starches have come up with this idea and began to discuss In the same realm, the general practitioners are more powerful! "This is the soul collecting sword, Mo Zhitao. It's your blessing that you can die on this sword Fu Yiwei saw the situation in the kitchen clearly. She hid outside the door to assist. Suddenly, she

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